12 Ft. Water Treated Wooden Arc Hammock Stand + Premium Quilted, Hammock Bed
  • 12 Ft. Water Treated Wooden Arc Hammock Stand + Premium Quilted, Hammock Bed

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    <b>Petra Leisure 12 Ft. Coffee Stain Wooden Arc Hammock Stand + Quilted Beige Color, Double Padded Hammock</b><br><br> You will feel like you're floating on the clouds when you are lying on this Cotton Hammock. It is thickly quilted for a unique softness that is also more supportive than rope. Comfortable and durable, this quilted fabric hammock lets you relax on a cozy cushion. Constructed of weather and fade resistant fabric, you can relax knowing it can take some exposure to the elements. <br><br><b>Features:</b><br><ul><li>12 Ft Hammock Stand (Coffee Stain & Water Treated)</li><br><li>Single Person Quilted Hammock Bed (6 Ft x 3.75 Ft)</li><br><li>Weather & Fade Resistant Cotton Fabric</li><br><li>300 LB Weight Capacity</li></ul><br><br> With an "o" ring and a steel chain at each end of the hammock, it is easy to hang either between two trees with straps or on a hammock stand. This hammock is available in many color and wood stain variations with more coming, so you'll be sure to find your best fit here.<br><br><b>Take a look at what some of our satisfied customers had to say!</b><br><br><em>"This hammock has brought joy to my backyard and my life :)" - David</em><br><br><em>"Love it!!! Got here super quick. Spring is here and I do not know what I would do without it. It holds my husband and me with ease. Is wide and so comfy... <b>Best purchase ever!"</b> - Andy</em><br><br><em>"Love it! It came just as the pictures show... Would Recommend!" - Mandy</em>